How are we completely transforming the home fragrance industry?

Your home, your rules.

Personalise your own diffuser by choosing the pot, the fragrance and reeds to suit your style. 

Your posties will love us.

No missed deliveries, we will keep sliding through your letterbox every few months. 

We reuse our bottles.

We won’t even take up room in your recycling because you’ll be sending your empty bottles back to us in the packaging we came in. Even better we fit right into a postbox! 

Can you smell through your phone?

We can’t either. But if you can’t decide which fragrance to go for then order a sample for £3.50 and wonder no more! 

We know you care about the planet.

So do we. We use a non toxic base in our diffusers that is made from renewable resources. 

All our products are cruelty free and vegan.

Don’t worry we have our furry friends covered too. 

Quality over quantity.

We work with the best ingredients to provide a long lasting diffuser with excellent scent throw.